Mummies Surviving Easter- day 3

So feeling a bit of a fraud now because I am just down to the one child now, who is currently drooling, crying in the midst of a teething nightmare. Oscar has gone on a mini holiday with my parents.

With this been the case I obviously havent been able to do any Oscar friendly Easter activities today. But I did promise regular Easter updates and ideas so here is something we enjoyed making last year.

If you’re anything like our household you have an abundance of cardboard Toilet rolls ready to throw out.

We went through a stage when Oscar would literally cry if we hadn’t saved them for his ‘art table’. After encouragement and clearing out ten tons of telescopes, microphones and maracas (that one was quite inventive) from.old cardboarf tubes, we managed to whittle the tubes down to just one every few months to paint or use for a crafty activity. Problem is, I can never remember to throw them out!


So we had our toilet tube and had just received a letter from nursery requesting Oscar join in the Easter competition of designing an egg. Now Oscar is really competative but I guess he gets that from me because we were not just settling for a simple Easter egg on paper design. Oh no we were going all out on this one.

In it to win it! I guess at the time I felt pretty guilty about always been at work so wanted to make the time we had together really fun, and what better way to remember our fun day by winning, right?

We used bubble wrap for the rainbow egg design. Oscar painted strips one by one printing them onto the paper. Which I then cut into an egg shape.

For the chick, Oscar painted the toilet tube yellow and I cut out wing shapes, big enough to secure with tape at the back. Oscar then painted these and then once this was dry added the feathers. This was the fun part!


We the finished off with googly eyes and an orange cardboard  beak.

Happy to report it was Easter Egg winner worthy! Oscar was chuffed!

What do you think?