Soft play – rules of play


You survived a long 2 week holiday, thinking of things to keep your little delights entertained whilst trying not to lose your shit as you watch another episode of the mini dogs that keep saving the city and find yet another melted Easter egg down the side of the sofa. Only to realise today is an inset day!!!!

The rain is pouring and I literally have no energy left to think of something creative or fun, the batteries on the tablet are dead. So we have ventured out to the soft play… aka hell.

I am sat in said hell as I write this, the noise levels rapidly increasing at about the same rate as my stress levels.

Rules of play.

  • Children must always be supervised

Translated too – the moment you hear crying and someone accurately describing your delight, “the boy with an orange t’shirt, glasses and blonde hair”  to their parent through sobs, quickly look alert and make your way to the exit swiftly. That or deny all knowledge of even having a child and make out you had just come out for a cup of coffee, whilst sighing to said parent, “people should really control their kids.”

  • Height and age restrictions must be abided by in each play zone.

Translated to – could the two twelve-year-old rugby players who are currently throwing foam blocks at full pelt in the baby section where my 4 month is having a little roll around minding her own business, please kindly f off. After a few very obvious head shakes and tutting appear to make no difference. It’s then time to stand up with hands on hips (yes you have to turn into this parent, there is no option) looking for the parents of these juvenile delinquents, after catching eye contact and ensuring they know your cross, but still no f**ks from them are given. You then pick your child up and huff loudly muttering about the selfishness of people and your wasted £4.

  • No jewellery, glasses or sharp objects in the play zones.

Translated to. If your delight wears glasses, mine does, a stylish pair of spiderman ones at that. Expect them not to remain intact throughout the play session.  Expect to return home with broken glasses that sit at a wonky angle on their face and a 2 hour wait in Specsavers.

Expect that if you are wearing any jewellery, especially bracelets, usually expensive Pandora ones, these too will not last the play session and you will spend the rest of your hour crawling around, no not after your child, after the 5 lost charms that are somewhere in the bottom of the pool.  Yak!!

  • Ensure your child has used the toilet before entering the play zone.

Translated to – No child is going to want to visit a boring toilet when faced with an amazing, bright and colourful play structure. And this only ends in 2 ways – Your child comes toddling up to you with wet legs crying because they couldn’t get out of tunnel of doom fast enough, you then notice a hard lump in their pants and pray to god no Nuggets have fallen out on the way.

Anyone fancy a malteaster?

And the worst, your child comes up to you crying because their bum is wet, no fault of their own, they’ve happily sped down the slide unbeknown to them a puddle of piss lay at the bottom. But that’s fine, because you’ve packed spare clothes for your 5-year-old right? Oh…

Same applies for the rule of play

  • Do not allow your child to enter the play zone if they are feeling unwell.

No we don’t want to be cleaning up the remainder of Mikey’s* up churned Easter egg he had for breakfast off our dear darlings new chinos, nor do we fancy dealing with 2 nights of puke patrol after they’ve caught the bloody bug!!

  • Keep away from the slide exits and do not climb up the slides.

Translated to – all children are going to try this and your child will be either one of these two.

The teller – the one that is running back to you every 2 minutes giving you a running commentary on Fred’s* movements up the slide and how this isn’t fair and that he is a bully and no one is listening to you. You sigh and give up even attempting to scroll through Facebook and enjoy your cup of tea and nod in agreement with your child whilst squinting trying to see where they are pointing, not really listening you pat them on their back and say, “off you go just play somewhere else don’t play with him anymore, we are going soon so make the most of your time.”

Or the tryer- Fred* is your child and he’s already halfway to the top of the slide, shouting at the little girl who is trying to go down. You can hear parents muttering around you wondering who is responsible for this child. You will have to get up, leave that cup of tea and intervene.  “Fred what have I said about not listening you have one last chance, blow it and this will be the last soft play you’ll ever lay eyes on, do you understand. ” all eyes are now on you with 100s of disapproving glares that you dare raise your voice, so that’s this soft play centre crossed off your list.


Finally –

  • No food or drink in the soft play zone and absolutely no consumption of alcohol.

So you have all this to deal with… and there is no alcohol to even soften the blow. *shudder*


DIY wedding shoes

So originally I bought these wedge sandals for my hen do shoes. When they came and I tried them on they were the comfortable shoes I have EVER worn. I was worried because some reviews stated they were narrow and since having surgery and metal plates fitted in my foot after a car accident, narrow shoes have never fit well. And the words from the surgeon will always ring in my ears. “The metal plate may rub through narrow shoes.” Shudder.


So buying shoes off the internet has never been something I have done before. But because I am so impatient I wanted them quickly. (Even though my hen do is still 4 months away!)

So after trying these on I was made up bargain for just 16.99.

I then went on to order some shoes for the wedding. With a lot less success. They arrived late, 5 days late and were incredibly narrow and uncomfortable. The heel was also too low and would mean my wedding dress would need taking up at least 2 inches.


So whilst trying on my dress I tried the wedge sandals for size. And they were perfect. Gave the dress the perfect amount of fall at the front just skimming the floor. Who would have thought I would find my wedding shoes when I wasn’t looking.

The only problem was, I still loved them with my hen do outfit and wasn’t prepared to find anymore. Not when these were so comfortable. No I wanted two pairs of these shoes. One for the hen do and one for the wedding.

So I now needed to find a way to bling the pair I was wearing for the wedding, after all while they were super comfy they didn’t look very weddingy. (Not that much of the shoe can be seen under my gown.)

The wedges have gold coloured metal in several places which fitted really well with my hen do outfit. But I wanted this to be covered as much as possible for my wedding shoes and to look a little more bridal.


I had read about people using shoe clips to jazz up shoes and looked into these thinking they looked great. Though they were quite costly and I wasn’t sure they would work with this type of shoe. So I kept on searching and found 2 brooches from china. After a lot of measuring and contemplating many different styles. I know how some perfect blinged up wedges. For just £1.98!!




These would look brilliant re using brooches or jewellery you already have at home or that has sentimental value.


Note – You can still see the gold coloured metal under the brooch slightly and the fastening and top gold coloured slat have not been covered. If you are fussy about this then there are many ways you can cover them, using more brooches, ribbon or a varnish. Though I know these will not be seen on the day so I am not to worried about this little detail.


Share your wedding shoes!


This post may contain affiliate ads which shows where I have purchased items. If you purchase from these ads I may receive commission.

Mummies Surviving Easter – Day 5

this is my final installment of Mummies surviving Easter. And I am not following trend in this one giving you happy clappy artsy activities you can do or give you fancy recipes or places to visit. Reason been? I literally have done bugger all to report.

So this final post will be Mummies (and daddies and all carers to be PC) guide to surviving the final week of the holidays – a step by step guide.

Hope it helps save some of you learn to embrace the half term and helps you get over the dreaded mummy guilt that seems to follow everyone around even more through the long days of the holidays!

Step 1 – Try not to be too optimistic and be realistic

Okay so you start the holidays feeling great. Your child is with you for two full weeks and you have a list as long as your arm with great Easter activities, petting farms, theme parks, zoos, aquariums and shows that you can experience together. You have missed your little angel so much and this is the time you are going to show them just how much.

Right now take a deep breath, look at your list, another breath. Scrumple the list.

It is not realistic that you will manage an activity or outing every day of the holiday unless you have obtained some amazing super power, (if that is the case please let us know your secret) You may manage 1, 2 or maybe even 3 but I would definitely limit yourself to that. While you love your children dearly you do not need to do ‘things’ to prove that. It took me a long time to realise that. Been a working mum definitely leaves you feeling the mummy guilt stronger than ever and feeling like you need to ‘make it up to them’ somehow.

Be realistic – you can make memories in many ways they do not have to expensive, exhausting and Eastery at all.

Be realistic – Everywhere on your list will be jam-packed with other mummies all thinking the same thing. You will be queuing for hour with grumpy children.

Be realistic – If you are counting on sunshine for these activities, then don’t you can guarantee that our lovely British weather won’t let you down and will be as consistent as ever with rain whenever you plan to do something fun.

Be realistic – a picnic on the carpet, stuffing your faces with Easter eggs whilst watching Hop sounds much more enjoyable, easy and well Eastery.

Step 2 – Lie ins are a thing

And they make everyone much much happier. Okay so I have a 4 month baby and a 5-year-old so normally lie ins don’t really exist. Though with no school run to complete, baby to feed and change, breakfast to make, teeth to brush, book bag to check all before 8:30 the morning is always much much calmer in the holidays. So while everyone may well still be awake, encouraging staying in bed, or even in their own bedrooms is such a life changer to make for a happier mum.

So how do I manage this?

So Oscar is the easier one because he is able to listen and follow and instruction – usually…

At bedtime I set him a challenge like: I bet you can’t build a bat cave for your Lego men, it would be really cool, why don’t you try in the morning.

Hint this also gives him something to think about in bed on a night avoided the 10000 questions, such as why do we have walls?

If this fails I charge his tablet (don’t sharpen your pitch forks just yet) and allow him to watch kids you tube until it is a reasonable hour. While I don’t encourage endless hours of screen time I think this chill time in the morning is a god send.

We are quite blessed with Nalah as she is happy to lay down with a toy and (usually – touch wood 20 million times) will lay and kick her legs screaming in delight without adult interaction for around 20 minutes. (God help me when she can crawl though),

That been said we are entering the dreaded teething stage, so she is not so happy playing with a toy if that said toy does not enter her mouth and soothe her gums as she hoped so at the moment she is a lot more grumpier.

So my magic trick that earns me a little time in bed is simply making all her toys super accessible. I attatch the links onto everything – see my instagram for pics! Ok so I didn’t promise you could sleep for longer but I can lay in bed, scroll Facebook and take silly selfies at my leisure for a little while longer.

Step 3 – TV is not the devil.

It is actually very factual and informative, Oscar has told me so many things he has learnt from the telly and roped me into watching a documentary about palm Sunday, wish was very dull (but managed to get a bit more of that lie in during it) but he was ecstatic to learn more and link it to the work they’re doing at school.

Nalah is fascinated by the colours on the T.V and when I pop into the kitchen to put the washer on I can hear Oscar teaching Nalah the names of characters and talk about the programmes, it really is the cutest.

If you can put up with Mr bloody Tumble on your T.V for a while, then enjoy the peace and let him take over for a while, you deserve a little break!

Step 4 – Meal times don’t exist.

So strictly speaking you can’t actually starve your children, but routines are so much more slacker during the holidays that you can relax, breakfast doesn’t have to be eaten a lightening speed, sometimes it can last until lunch and then its brunch. So effectively your only having to prepare 2 meals. rather than 3. You know when your child is hungry (I am sure they will let you know like mine does!) and you know that they are not starving. Grazing is the key to holiday mealtime success. When Oscar goes to Grandma and Grandad’s house they offer him a 4 course breakfast which he absolutely loves, they then don’t have to feed him again till tea time! After his 1000s of raisins, apples, bananas, porridges, corn flakes and crumpets!

And with all these Easter eggs we have accumulated no one is going to go hungry in our house for a very long time!

Step 5 – Try and escape.

Not the children, you’re not going to be able to do that unless you have very generous family nearby. No but try to escape the house for a little while. Take a trip to the park, to the pond to feed the ducks, even just a walk around your local supermarket, poundshop, or my favorite Pets at Home – (It is defiantly a great free alternative the zoo or a petting farm!)

Not only will you feel like you have done something with the day and feel a bit like supermum for a short while but it is also a opportunity to learn new things with the kids, talk to them about things you wouldn’t usually talk to them about and engage them in things you don’t usually do together – because lets face it you wouldn’t usually drag them around Tesco for a pint of milk midweek, you would definitely wait for them to be in school or nursery to do tasks like this. But you may be surprised that this free, simple day-to-day task might – just might be okay!

You will feel so much better for escaping the house and not having to look at yet another load of baby sick covered clothes piled up near the washer.

Good look Happy holidays – and don’t worry just 6 more days to go!

Mummies surviving Easter – day 4

Its day 4 guys.. your getting there!!

So far my Easter activity suggestions have all been arty or bakey. If the idea of getting paints, glue, feathers, glitter, flour, icing sugar and rice crispies all over your house, increases your heart rate, makes your palms sweaty and gets you reaching for a large glass of wine.

Then fear not, here is a mess free, simple and cheap lazy mums activity!

The Egg hunt!

Pack of 3 kinder eggs less than £2 in Aldi.

This definatly doesnt have to be limited to Easter. We quite often play pirates and have used this game to enhance it.



Its best played if your child is completely not expecting it, so when Oscar was busy drawing a picture I snuck upstairs and hit treats around the house. If your looking for a completely free activity these do not have to cost, we have played it before using pirate treausre and other finds in Oscar’s bedroom.

We have also used fruit items as the treasure if you are worried that their chocolate intake this Easter has hit its limit.

Happy with his orange prize, map in hand
Oscar is fascinated by maps of all sorts


First sneakily hide your treasures around the house, I usually do 3/4 but you can do as many or few as your house allows. Usually starting with a small prize such as small chocolate coin or a small pack of raisins.

We then move onto a larger item as we go along, these could include an orange, a cadburys cream egg or a kinder surprise egg. If you don’t want to use food items an idea of a larger price could be a small toy from the pound shop.

Now all the treasure is hidden it is time to draw the map. This bit is a little tricky and took me 3 attempts to get it easy to follow.  Draw a plan of your house downstairs and upstairs. Any rooms that are off limits put a cross through on your map.  You can either draw arrows, footsteps or simple lines of where they need to go. For the older children you could even just write how many steps they need to take. I then draw a cross where the treasure is numbering 1-3 (so they dont end up with the big prize first).


We have so much fun playing this, it also gives me a 10 minute breather while he is busy searching!!

Oscar has also made me maps to follow and hidden his toys around the house. Which was also fun, though his hiding places weren’t very unique!! 😂


Enjoy happy hunting!!


Mummies Surviving Easter- day 3

So feeling a bit of a fraud now because I am just down to the one child now, who is currently drooling, crying in the midst of a teething nightmare. Oscar has gone on a mini holiday with my parents.

With this been the case I obviously havent been able to do any Oscar friendly Easter activities today. But I did promise regular Easter updates and ideas so here is something we enjoyed making last year.

If you’re anything like our household you have an abundance of cardboard Toilet rolls ready to throw out.

We went through a stage when Oscar would literally cry if we hadn’t saved them for his ‘art table’. After encouragement and clearing out ten tons of telescopes, microphones and maracas (that one was quite inventive) from.old cardboarf tubes, we managed to whittle the tubes down to just one every few months to paint or use for a crafty activity. Problem is, I can never remember to throw them out!


So we had our toilet tube and had just received a letter from nursery requesting Oscar join in the Easter competition of designing an egg. Now Oscar is really competative but I guess he gets that from me because we were not just settling for a simple Easter egg on paper design. Oh no we were going all out on this one.

In it to win it! I guess at the time I felt pretty guilty about always been at work so wanted to make the time we had together really fun, and what better way to remember our fun day by winning, right?

We used bubble wrap for the rainbow egg design. Oscar painted strips one by one printing them onto the paper. Which I then cut into an egg shape.

For the chick, Oscar painted the toilet tube yellow and I cut out wing shapes, big enough to secure with tape at the back. Oscar then painted these and then once this was dry added the feathers. This was the fun part!


We the finished off with googly eyes and an orange cardboard  beak.

Happy to report it was Easter Egg winner worthy! Oscar was chuffed!

What do you think?

Mummies surviving Easter – day 2

So as promised here is day 2 of surving Easter holidays with simple easy and cheap fun.

This activity cost –

£0.90 for 3x bars of cheap milk chocolate

£1.00 for a pack of mini eggs – enough for 2 on each bun (when making 12) and 4 left over to nibble in whilst busy baking!!

£1.25 for own brand crispy rice

£2.25 for the bun cases which Carl bought and I was literally bowled over by the price but turns out they are the silicone ones so will hopefully last us for a long time!

We had marshmallows and golden syrup already in – plus these are kind of optional anyway.

This activity took 10 minutes, but could take a lot longer depending how long you want to drag it out for, for example breaking uo the chocolate could have taken much longer if I hadn’t helped.

Placing the bun cases in the tray could have also been extended- read how below.

But we were rushing a bit because Grandad was on his way. So from packet to tummies after a rest in the fridge took 40 minutes.

Smashing the chocolate into smaller pieces using a hammer!!

(Watch children using a hammer and encourage small gentle taps – wrap the chocolate bars in a tea towel to prevent damage to the wrapper and germs getting in!)

Breaking the chocolate into smaller pieces by hand
Making patterns using the coloured bun cases. Oscar chose to do a repeated pattern that he has learnt about at school.

Other learning opportunities using bun cases for young children could be:

Colour recognition


Sorting by colour

Melted chocolate after the first minute

We melted the chocolate in the microwave as I was looking for the quickest option, though a bain marie could also be used.

I powered for 1 minute then stirred and then another minute and it had melted to perfect consistancy.

In goes the crispies.

We poured some in slowly and mixed until covered in chocolate then poured some more in guessing the correct amount. It was approx 2 cereal bowls full. We then added mini marshmallows and 1 tablespoon of golden syrup.

Making a mess

Time to put the mixture in the cases, this bit gets extra messy even more so when just I did it!!

Then add the mini eggs

And they are ready to chill in the fridge before its time to serve!!

Lick the bowl while you wait whilst teaching your 5 year old how to wash up! 😉

Perfect chocolate snack for easter.

Ready for the fridge


Ready to eat!

Mummies Surviving Easter – day 1

So the Easter holidays are here. A time of joy, chocolate, cheer and oh shit what will I do with the kids for 2 whole weeks?!

The weather has so far been amazing so we have been super lucky in that respect that the garden has been our go to place. Oscar has a massive trampoline, which is a horrible eye sore but my god does it work wonders when there is a hyperactive chocolate fuelled ninja obsessed 5 year old on the loose!!

As promised though I have done some fun activities with him this week, and I still really cherish the times he still wants to spend with me, rather than watch someone open a bloody kinder surprise egg for the 9 millionth time on youtube! (Eye roll).

So the activity of the day today was – a smashed egg picture!

We had a cracking time (hahaha)


So all week I had been saving our egg shells. Each time I cracked on I would carefully just crack the top off and save the rest of the shell as best as I could. This got quite tricky so really don’t worry if they’re not in perfect condition.


Starting the morning with a soft boiled egg

We then filled the egg shells with different coloured paint from the local poundshop.

I layed some left over wallpaper we had from Oscar’s first bedroom in this house – amazing spaces. I unrolled and kept in place on the garden path using a chair and the slide. (Paint easily wipes off these surfaces)


I then let Oscar loose with the paint filled shells and encouraged him to throw and splatter the eggs till his heart was content!

If you are feeling really brave for bigger splashes of paint you can get your child to stand higher on a chair or at the top of the slide! (Always supervise your child when they are standing at the top of a slide or on a chair!)


Our finished result looks eggsellant I think. So much fun and so easy to do. Give it a go and share your pictures!


Britain’s Beautiful Coast

Yes, we would all love to be making our way down a white sandy beach with the warm breeze in our hair, the turquoise waves lapping at our feet and a Pina colada in our hand. Unfortunately for most of us we are not. We are here in England, half term is coming and instead of days of endless Sun, Sea and Sambuca its probably more realistic to think drizzle, bored kids and well… the Sambuca can stay, you’ll no doubt need it.

In the middle of the week when your sat in the corner rocking backwards and forwards, hands covering your ears (but you can still hear B I N G O and BINGO was his NAMEO ringing loud and clear from your child’s mouth)  You’ve endured the hot, sticky, sweaty soft play nightmare from hell, your child has been bouncing off the walls since Sunday night after all the Easter egg hunts you’ve sent them on, your sick of looking at your bank statement and feeling a little dead inside.

Then you have an idea, the beach! Let them run, be loud, be free, no having to tell them to slow down, watch out, don’t fall, look where your going, be quiet. Let them loose at the beach while you gather back some sanity to get through another week! (Yes I hate to be the one to tell you, there is 2 weeks Easter holidays!!! And then real soon there is the dare I say it…6 weeks holiday!!)

Redcar Beach


If you are fortunate enough to live anywhere near the East Coast or happen to be in the area, here are a few of the beaches you should really check out.



My favourite seaside village… ever!

Staithes is a small fishing village that looks like something out of the history books, set down a steep (very very steep, don’t wear heels attempting to walk down, and go careful with a pram too!) hill, with rows of weird and wonderful cottages.

I was very fortunate as a child to grow up in Staithes and I am very lucky that Oscar and Nalah have the same opportunity to enjoy everything that is on offer. Oscar is already fascinated by the place, here a just a few things he loves to do:

  • Rock pooling and fossiling amoungst the cliffs. We never really find anything but Oscar is fasinated by the shells and stones he can collect, then we get a bit silly and usually ends in a seaweed fight.
Tiny toes testing the water


  • Walking along the pier. Two large breakwaters have been reinstated and made bigger and better than ever to keep the pesky sea away from harbour. After a few disastrous storms these breakwaters do a brillaint job of protecting the little village. They are great to walk out on to and get a whole different perspective of Staithes. Just careful to keep hold of of little hands up there because its a long drop into the open sea!
Staithes Harbour


  • Crabbing, buy a cheap crabline, bucket and bacon as bait and you have hours of fun pulling in your crab line waiting see what has climbled on to the end. Of course we always throw them back in the sea where they belong. But it definitely brings a lot of smiles to this little boys face counting up how many he has managed to catch and listening to stories of me doing the same when I was little and grandad when he was a boy.
Oscar crabbing looking across to Staithes Studios


  • Visiting the lifeboat station – you can read about all the amazing rescues and call out that have taken place over the years, take a close up look at the life saving boat and equipment, donate money for an amazing charity and for the kids there is a ride on lifeboat fully equpped woth a helmet and life jacket to make the experience that bit more exciting.


  • The beach – set in the harbour is a small sandy beach ideal for the kids to run around, skim stones, build sandcastles, bury themselves and even have a paddle in the sea. The beach is pretty sheltered and in low season is fairly quiet so the kids can cause havoc running, skipping and jumping till their hearts are content. Better here than in your living room eh?
  • Walking across the stepping stones to find another secret little beach and once there paddling in the beck at low tide.


These are just a few that Oscar talks about the most, and best of all they’re free.

There are plenty more things you can do in Staithes, like exploring the amazing art galleries, Staithes studios a dainty gallery built over three floors, right on the front of the harbour is filled with loads of intresting delights. Visiting the Captain cook museum and teaching the little ones a little bit of history, having fresh fish and chips and the local pubs, enjoying a mouth watering cinder toffee ice cream from the ice cream van.

Visit Staithes art and heritage festival (9th and 10th Sept this year) and the best day of the year (in my opinion) Lifeboat day (18th-20th August this year), when you can get involved in the daft raft race, fancy dress competition, I came 2nd place one year when I was 10 – dressed up as fish and chips! It was brilliant, we didn’t have anything in the way of fancy dress, resources or a shop so my mum worked with what we did have (loads of newspaper for the fire) and just wrapped me and my friend up! There is a nightie parade where the whole village is out in force dressed in their nightwear walking up the hill, a rubber duck race down the beck and you can watch the brilliant rescue displays from the local and neighbouring  lifeboats and helicopter and in the evening a fantastic firework display over the harbour and most importantly of all raise money for this amazing charity.



Claim to Fame –

Earn extra mummy points – Old Jacks boat from Cbeebies is filmed here and there are loads of places where you can buy Old Jacks postcards and you can even walk past Old Jack’s House!

Earn extra points with the teachers at school and teach them some history too.

Captain James Cook (the fella who discovered loads of the South Pacific) lived here when he was 16.




There are so many other great beaches in the local area to visit too.

If you want vast space and endless running area Saltburn is the place to be. Along with the amazing beach Saltburn has a miniature railway, a woodland walk which has a few fun kids play equipment including a water pump alongside the river and for a more relaxing stroll there is the Italian gardens you can walk through.

Running from the waves on a bitter cold day in winter



Bridlington Beach is a lovely open space and also has the added bonus with the kiddies of amusements, arcades, rides and plenty of ice cream shops.

A calm day at Bridlington


Scarborough Beach, one of the busiest and most popular beaches is known for its donkey rides, fair, amusement arcades, castle and surfing. There nothing you cannot do at Scarborough beach and although this is more of a penny spending day out it is really worth the trip.

Sunny Scarborough


And finally Runswick Bay, 3 miles from Staithes is another steep hill to an amazing little village and beach. This beach is a long stretch of sand and really is great to just take a picnic, a swimming costume (or wetsuit if your not so brave) though as a child was known to be swimming in there in November brr, and spend a full day. It really is a sun trap so don’t forget the cream if we get lucky this spring to see some sunshine finally.


And Finally Flamborough beach, surrounded by white cliffs is a small quaint beach, fabulous for rock and shell hunting. Famous for bird watching Flamborough’s white cliffs home gannets, gulls and even puffins.


So while yes, we all might rather be in the Bahamas, England is still pretty amazing and a damn sight cheaper. Have a brilliant Easter Holidays and please share your photos of you enjoying the East Coast as much as I have.








The baby behind the blog – #thelittleone

Thank you to Michelle from The Muddled Mother for the tag in this fun post, I’ve really enjoyed writing it.

So you hear about me all day long and quite often Oscar my 5 year old. But sat there as good as gold (usually) is the baby behind the blog my little Princess. Here is life in her words ❤


I am still so new to the world and the world is still so new and scary to me but there are loads of great things about been 3 months old. I am starting to see more things around me that is fun, my arms and hands can wave about and hit things, I don’t know for sure but I think I make them do that. Everyone picks me up and cuddles me and says how cute and small I still am. And the best of all, I can cry at anytime day or night and 5 minutes later my eyes are rolling back and I’m halfway through my yummy milk. My favourite.


Sometimes all this new looking at things, waving my arms about and trying to roll over is just too tiring and when I get tired I really need to shout it from the roof tops.

I have a little pink bunny rabbit teddy that great grandma Tinks (there is a family story behind the name) is my favourite to snuggle. I really like hard teething toys too but get a bit grumpy when I cant get them all in my mouth, so usually mummy’s finger is the best because it fits in right at the back were I can chew my hardest.



My favourite thing to do is lay down and kick my legs about. Everyone says I am such a good baby because I really don’t need much attention or fuss (though they still give me it, I guess that’s because I am pretty cute?) But I really am just so happy stretching out my little legs it is so much fun after been cooped up for so long in mummy’s tummy.


I seem to wear a lot of pink, I think that is because mummy and daddy were so excited that I was a girl! But in all honesty I would be happy just wearing nothing so I can kick my legs and wave my arms till my heart is content, like in the bath, that’s just the best! But mummy always puts clothes on me because I like to grab at my tummy when I am naked, I scratch nip and pull and sometimes I get so carried away I don’t know when to stop and it hurts.


I love all the songs that Mummy and daddy have on their wedding playlist (though they are top secret until the big day they say) I am getting really good at bopping away to them when we listen to them. Even though mummy can’t sing very well I always smile when she does because I know she is trying to make me happy.


There is only one food for me and that is my milk, I am crazy for my milk. And I get it on demand, whenever I want. Hot, cold, day or night I am not fussed that milk is just the greatest!


I do enjoy watching that bright box when mummy puts it on for Oscar my big brother, I don’t really mind what I watch its just fun to watch the tiny people move about and all the lights and music and different sounds. I enjoy to watch cartoons with Oscar, PJ Masks is his favourite but I quite like to watch Peppa pig. I like to watch documentaries with daddy and with mummy I enjoy looking at all the pretty dresses on “say yes to the dress.”


I get to have a story every night when Oscar goes to bed, at the moment he always choses but soon enough that will change. Tonight we read Brown bear Brown bear, that is one of the best, I liked the all the bright pictures and the silly voices that mummy does when she reads it.


When daddy blows raspberries and kisses my tummy that always makes me giggle, his beard prickles and tickles me and it is just so funny. Mummy makes me laugh when she pops up from nowhere and says “hello” in a really funny voice. I just can’t hold it in, they are just so funny!


I love mummy because she always knows what to do when I cry and strokes my face real good when I need to go too sleep but am too upset to realise (that is quite a lot).

I love daddy because he gives me the best kisses all the time. He tickles me with his beard and that makes me smile.

 I love Oscar because he sings songs to me that he has learnt at school, sometimes I even stop crying to listen.

That is everyone who lives in my house that I love but I have so many more people in my life that I love so much and they love me loads too, they tell me all the time. I cannot wait to grow up with this family I have because there is just so much love from everyone and I feel pretty lucky.

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