Mummies surviving Easter – day 2

So as promised here is day 2 of surving Easter holidays with simple easy and cheap fun.

This activity cost –

£0.90 for 3x bars of cheap milk chocolate

£1.00 for a pack of mini eggs – enough for 2 on each bun (when making 12) and 4 left over to nibble in whilst busy baking!!

£1.25 for own brand crispy rice

£2.25 for the bun cases which Carl bought and I was literally bowled over by the price but turns out they are the silicone ones so will hopefully last us for a long time!

We had marshmallows and golden syrup already in – plus these are kind of optional anyway.

This activity took 10 minutes, but could take a lot longer depending how long you want to drag it out for, for example breaking uo the chocolate could have taken much longer if I hadn’t helped.

Placing the bun cases in the tray could have also been extended- read how below.

But we were rushing a bit because Grandad was on his way. So from packet to tummies after a rest in the fridge took 40 minutes.

Smashing the chocolate into smaller pieces using a hammer!!

(Watch children using a hammer and encourage small gentle taps – wrap the chocolate bars in a tea towel to prevent damage to the wrapper and germs getting in!)

Breaking the chocolate into smaller pieces by hand
Making patterns using the coloured bun cases. Oscar chose to do a repeated pattern that he has learnt about at school.

Other learning opportunities using bun cases for young children could be:

Colour recognition


Sorting by colour

Melted chocolate after the first minute

We melted the chocolate in the microwave as I was looking for the quickest option, though a bain marie could also be used.

I powered for 1 minute then stirred and then another minute and it had melted to perfect consistancy.

In goes the crispies.

We poured some in slowly and mixed until covered in chocolate then poured some more in guessing the correct amount. It was approx 2 cereal bowls full. We then added mini marshmallows and 1 tablespoon of golden syrup.

Making a mess

Time to put the mixture in the cases, this bit gets extra messy even more so when just I did it!!

Then add the mini eggs

And they are ready to chill in the fridge before its time to serve!!

Lick the bowl while you wait whilst teaching your 5 year old how to wash up! 😉

Perfect chocolate snack for easter.

Ready for the fridge


Ready to eat!