Mummies surviving Easter – day 4

Its day 4 guys.. your getting there!!

So far my Easter activity suggestions have all been arty or bakey. If the idea of getting paints, glue, feathers, glitter, flour, icing sugar and rice crispies all over your house, increases your heart rate, makes your palms sweaty and gets you reaching for a large glass of wine.

Then fear not, here is a mess free, simple and cheap lazy mums activity!

The Egg hunt!

Pack of 3 kinder eggs less than £2 in Aldi.

This definatly doesnt have to be limited to Easter. We quite often play pirates and have used this game to enhance it.



Its best played if your child is completely not expecting it, so when Oscar was busy drawing a picture I snuck upstairs and hit treats around the house. If your looking for a completely free activity these do not have to cost, we have played it before using pirate treausre and other finds in Oscar’s bedroom.

We have also used fruit items as the treasure if you are worried that their chocolate intake this Easter has hit its limit.

Happy with his orange prize, map in hand
Oscar is fascinated by maps of all sorts


First sneakily hide your treasures around the house, I usually do 3/4 but you can do as many or few as your house allows. Usually starting with a small prize such as small chocolate coin or a small pack of raisins.

We then move onto a larger item as we go along, these could include an orange, a cadburys cream egg or a kinder surprise egg. If you don’t want to use food items an idea of a larger price could be a small toy from the pound shop.

Now all the treasure is hidden it is time to draw the map. This bit is a little tricky and took me 3 attempts to get it easy to follow.  Draw a plan of your house downstairs and upstairs. Any rooms that are off limits put a cross through on your map.  You can either draw arrows, footsteps or simple lines of where they need to go. For the older children you could even just write how many steps they need to take. I then draw a cross where the treasure is numbering 1-3 (so they dont end up with the big prize first).


We have so much fun playing this, it also gives me a 10 minute breather while he is busy searching!!

Oscar has also made me maps to follow and hidden his toys around the house. Which was also fun, though his hiding places weren’t very unique!! 😂


Enjoy happy hunting!!



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