Week One

So tomorrow morning we will be entering our 2nd week of the summer holidays.

Positives of this last week.
1. Week have all survived

2. We have a got dressed and left the house before 12 – most days and have had several walks to the park ad got caught in many torrential rain storms.


3. We have all eaten the adequate amount of meals and some have even featured a garnish of cucumber for guilt purposes.

4. Me and Carl had the first night out togther… Actually ever since we first got together… and I then survived a 2 kid hangover.

5. We have watched and actually enjoyed 3 new films on netflix.

6. We have had a fab FREE day out at the York Railway musuem. Both kids had massive smiles on their faces the whole day. Nalah was oblivious to what was going on but enjoyed the sights sounds and chewing on a giant lego brick, whilst Oscar is finally at an age where he really took it all in and was intrested and wanted to learn more about each train. A picnic in the sunshine and a few hours running around the park didn’t hurt either.


7. Oscar has created a colouring activity that may well take him the entire holidays.





8. We have build am indoor den. Complete with decorations in the form of pom poms and pipe cleaners.

9. Had a lazy day in the garden… (I sunbathed) oscar bounced about and Nalah say happily in the shade chewing on a celery stick..Happy days.

10. We have created a bucket list of things to do for the next 5 weeks. Colour coded and everything for rainy days, Sunny days, family days, frugal days, splurge days .. so heres is too another fantastic.. free.. easy… fun week 😊

Drop me some ideas.