#Day one

Day one of our summer holidays.

I was treat to a lie in this morning… we got up at 7.23. Carl left for work, as quiet as a mouse so not to wake anyone up. 3 minutes later as he pulled away from our street, Nalah was wide wide awake!!

Breakfast went without hiccup, the usual mass crumb mess, soggy toast rubbed into clean hair and drinks flung across the room. But no real tales to tell.

Oscar spent his first morning of the summer holidays sanding down his bed.

Last night we discovered teeth marks all over his bed.  He was unable to tell us how they got there and insisted he must have been younger. Having only moved into that room a few months ago, I don’t belive that is the case.

This morning he informed he had in fact been trying to make his tooth fall out as his best friend had just had his first visit from the tooth fairy!!

After a talk of the health and safety risks of this and then a telling of talk for defacing furniture, Oscar was left with the task to think how to get rid all of these teeth marks. And there were a lot.

Oscar came to me with the idea he had spent the whole night thinking of, he would colour in some masking tape brown and stick it over the teeth marks. He thought this plan was solid, I wasn’t so sure.

I handed him some sand paper and instructed him how he could use it to get rid of the marks. So that his how he spent his first morning of the summer holdings.  Probably not his first idea to put on his holiday bucket list. But never the less the bed looks ten times better (slightly paler in parts) and I definatly don’t think he will be biting anymore furniture.

After he had finished I asked him to take off his bed sheet and put it in the wash as it was now covered in wood dust.

I then had to go see to Nalah, Oscar came bounding in pleased with himself for doing as I had asked.

Though I hadn’t thought the instruction through very well.

He had put his sheet in the washing machine as asked… the washing machine that had just finished it’s cycle full of my clean clothes…

We spent the afternoon at the zoo with my sister in law (soon to be) and the kid’s cousins who are 1 and 3 years.



We walked to pets at home. Which the kids absolutely love, the eldest two like to look at the rabbits, degus, rats and guinea pigs, whilst the babies happily stare at the fish swimming around, this trip enables a 10 minute uninterrupted adult conversation above the 2 prams.

This 30 minute trip took several hours due to extremely slow, tired, small legs and having to take shelter in b&m from the torrential rain that thundered above our heads.

Positives of the day.

  • I managed to take the bin out in the nick of time, baby on hip, in my dressing gown, looking pretty pathetic so the bin man had to take over and pull it out of my yard.
  • My wash basket is empty..and one wash has been washed twice!
  • 1/6 of the 3 beds bedding has been washed.. better luck tomorrow with the other 5/6.
  • Oscar had fun playing with his cousin and enjoyed a free trip out
  • I spoke to an adult for over 10 minutes.
  • Both kids were fed clean and in bed on time… despite Nalah still waking up at least 8 times throughout the night because she can now roll onto her belly..
  • I managed 3 rounds of my Charlotte Crosby workout out dvd.. followed by 2 massive cheesy garlic stuffed mushrooms…mmm
  • We didn’t spent a penny all day.