DIY wedding shoes

So originally I bought these wedge sandals for my hen do shoes. When they came and I tried them on they were the comfortable shoes I have EVER worn. I was worried because some reviews stated they were narrow and since having surgery and metal plates fitted in my foot after a car accident, narrow shoes have never fit well. And the words from the surgeon will always ring in my ears. “The metal plate may rub through narrow shoes.” Shudder.


So buying shoes off the internet has never been something I have done before. But because I am so impatient I wanted them quickly. (Even though my hen do is still 4 months away!)

So after trying these on I was made up bargain for just 16.99.

I then went on to order some shoes for the wedding. With a lot less success. They arrived late, 5 days late and were incredibly narrow and uncomfortable. The heel was also too low and would mean my wedding dress would need taking up at least 2 inches.


So whilst trying on my dress I tried the wedge sandals for size. And they were perfect. Gave the dress the perfect amount of fall at the front just skimming the floor. Who would have thought I would find my wedding shoes when I wasn’t looking.

The only problem was, I still loved them with my hen do outfit and wasn’t prepared to find anymore. Not when these were so comfortable. No I wanted two pairs of these shoes. One for the hen do and one for the wedding.

So I now needed to find a way to bling the pair I was wearing for the wedding, after all while they were super comfy they didn’t look very weddingy. (Not that much of the shoe can be seen under my gown.)

The wedges have gold coloured metal in several places which fitted really well with my hen do outfit. But I wanted this to be covered as much as possible for my wedding shoes and to look a little more bridal.


I had read about people using shoe clips to jazz up shoes and looked into these thinking they looked great. Though they were quite costly and I wasn’t sure they would work with this type of shoe. So I kept on searching and found 2 brooches from china. After a lot of measuring and contemplating many different styles. I know how some perfect blinged up wedges. For just £1.98!!




These would look brilliant re using brooches or jewellery you already have at home or that has sentimental value.


Note – You can still see the gold coloured metal under the brooch slightly and the fastening and top gold coloured slat have not been covered. If you are fussy about this then there are many ways you can cover them, using more brooches, ribbon or a varnish. Though I know these will not be seen on the day so I am not to worried about this little detail.


Share your wedding shoes!


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