Why I am Rocking Motherhood

I have been nominated to complete the Rocking Motherhood challenge by the lovely Kirsty at That noise is mine. The rocking motherhood challenge was started by White Camellias in 2016 and asks Mums to list 10 ways in which they are #rockingmotherhood.

So when I first read about this challenge I thought am I really up for this? Am I really Rocking Motherhood? And who am I to say I am. But after a lot of deliberating and questioning myself over the last few weeks I turned to my children, I looked at their happy smiling faces and realised maybe, just maybe I might be doing something right.

So here goes, here is my list.

1 – We create memories.

Everything we do I try to make sure that all the memories our preserved. I take photos of EVERYTHING, my camera phone is constantly in my hand, because in years to come even if they don’t want to look back at the memories we shared I certainly will. I am conscious not to over share on social media, though sometimes this is so hard when I am so incredibly proud of my beautiful babies, but I have photo albums, digital albums, photo books, scrapbooks, framed photos, you name it showing of every little milestone and every little grin. Last year me and Oscar created an ultimate scrapbook after he had read Winnie the pooh “sunny day scrapbook” we included a photos and did drawings of everything he deemed as fun from the previous year, so you can imagine we had an absolutely brimming full folder of colourful photos, stickers and drawing. He is so excited to do it next year, It is also great for me to look through, if we are having a bad day, or mummy guilt creeps in, to show me what we have done, what we have achieved and how happy he is.

2. Imagination

This possibly comes from me working in nurseries for 5 year, or perhaps the role model of my own parents. I always encourage Oscar to use his imagination, which has resulted in him been able to play happily on his own, be amazingly artistic and very creative and precise with all his lego models. In our house anything can be a game, a cardboard box can be hours of fun, a cardboard tube can be a shooter, a wand, a sword or a telescope. Nothing needs to cost the earth and I am so grateful that Oscar has grown up knowing fun can be found anywhere.

3. They always come first

3am in the morning and Nalah was laid wide awake laughing and cooing (very loudly) Cue mummy getting up to see her, sleep just doesn’t matter anymore, change her, feed her, get peed all over, puked in my hair, but do you know what, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Yeah my coffee might ALWAYS be cold, and I may never get to eat a hot meal again but the love that I get back from these amazing children makes up for that in every single way.

4. Teamwork

Before Carl came into our lives, Oscar was parenting by very different views and nothing was ever consistent for him. Now we give him strict routines, boundaries and most importantly of all stability and the benefits of this really do show, in his behaviour and happiness. The consistency of our care has left Oscar feeling confident in his decisions and knows he never has to second guess or wondering if someone will just change their mind, we may have the odd naughty days but on a whole Oscar is now a very well behaved, confident, clever young boy and for that I have Carl for been the best team mate. We intend to do exactly the same with Nalah, but for now we just share the kisses, the cuddles and the stinky poonarmies!!

5. The little things

I think that such an important part of been a parent is giving your child opportunities and experiences. And while trips to Diggerland, Thomas land and various zoos have all been absolutely amazing and invaluable experiences in Oscar’s life we don’t have to do those big things to give them the best start. Its all about the little things.
Little things we have enjoyed these last few weeks:

  • Washing the car
  • Decorating Oscar’s bedroom
  • Weeding the garden
  • Trips to the park in the rain
  • Learning to ride his bike
  • Bath time
  • Reading books
  • Baking.

And the same with Nalah, although she is still so young and really wouldn’t appreciate a trip to Peppa pig world, its just the simple things she too enjoys, her favourite things at the moment is too watch us, she enjoyed sitting out in the garden watching us do gardening, she enjoys watching me cook tea, she enjoys playing with a shiny scarf or a wooden spoon, she loves peekaboo and silly voices. It really is these little things, that cost nothing that get the biggest smiles.


So that is how I rocking motherhood, and after writing all this I feel quite confident that while I may not be perfect, I am doing and Okay job at this motherhood lark.

I would love to read about how Maria at the The blogger mommie is rocking motherhood.