Amazing Spaces

In five years Oscar has had 5 bedrooms. So time for some stability and a room he can really call his own.

This week we have been super busy creating an amazing space for Oscar, so he can move into the attic room and Nalah can soon move into her own room. (argh scary thought my baby is growing up!)

When it has been down to me decorating Oscar’s bedrooms in the past I have always just bought a wall vinyl and was done with the whole decorating thing. Whilst these did look pretty amazing, there was absolutely no artistic injection in the room.


Spitfire Aviation Airplane aeroplane Decal Vinyl Wall Sticker Art Kids Room Boys Girls Décor 60cm x 91cm

Until we moved in with Carl that is. When we first moved we wanted the transition to be smooth for him and wanted him to love the room he was moving too. We asked him what room he would like and went ahead and decorated whilst he was at nursery one day. He really loved it and was very happy to say that it was his favourite bedrooms to date.


That was until yesterday.

Oscar was moving into the attic, for me this was scary, never been too keen on attics and ever since living here I have refused to watch any horror especially if they feature scary attics! I didn’t want to project my fears onto Oscar so we made it as exciting as possible, its such a big, light and airy room. We told him this space would be a big boy space to last him till he is an adult.

He was really excited and picked the colour he wanted, light blue, the lightest like the sky he instructed. He told us he would quite like a batman sticker after watching Lego batman he had become a major fan!


AVENGERS Superheroes BROKEN / SMASHED WALL Effect Wall Art Sticker *GIANT SIZES* – pw167 (GIANT 100 X 60 CM)

Spiderman Design Children’s Repositionable Self Adhesive Vinyl 3D Hole in the Wall Sticker Décor

So on Mother’s day we spent our day all painting the wall blue, and then progressing to paint each other blue! We laughed and smiled all the way through. The little things really do count.

So Oscar believed his room was finished once the blue wall was dry…but little did he know we had a surprise in store.

While he was in bed and then the next day whilst he was at school Carl and I beavered away in his bedroom until it was fit for Batman himself.


What do you think?


How are your children’s room’s decorated?


4 thoughts on “Amazing Spaces

  1. Wow! I love it! I am also totally jealous that you get to paint (I’m in a rental, that my landlord used to live in so he’s a little attached to the decorations lol) so we hung fabric instead 😉 My teen would be thrilled with an attic room of his own and I am sure your little man will love his room for years to come! I kind of can’t wait to see what you do next though!


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