The nightmares of world book day and other embarrassing occasions.

So today is world book day, I’m not sure what that means but it certainly seems like another sneaky opportunity to bleed parents dry. Along with Easter, Halloween and of course the main event, Christmas, but this ‘day’ creeps up on you, because no one knows about it and then bam! You are suddenly having to create a costume in 1 evening.

Receiving a crumpled letter in his book bag THE DAY BEFORE! Asking for all children too be dressed as their favourite book character.

We are one of the more fortunate families on this occasion as Oscar has numerous costumes and luckily I was able to persuade him that while every super hero costume he has horded for the last 3 years (yes some are extremely tight and what were once trousers are now shorts) are presented in marvel comic books what his teachers had meant was a proper book. So I finally persuaded him he would look fantastic as Harry Potter. And I was right.


So Oscar’s day was a success and I felt like I’d  gained mummy points today.

.Rubie’s Official Harry Potter Pack Gryffindor Robe, Wand and Glasses Child’s Costume – Standard Size

I then got thinking about my own school days and the excitement and anticipation of dressing up. Ending in the awkward humiliation of the end results, but god bless my hardworking busy parents they really were creative!

Red nose day

The first day that strikes a memory is red nose day. It was the year of the squeaky noses. My dad left it till the night before to go and buy me and my older brother a red nose. Living out in the sticks he took the 20 minute journey too the nearest town and scoured the shops. He came back several hours later looking disgruntled and with no red nose.

Though he didn’t come home empty handed, oh no not my dad, he bought us both a red ball, a squeaky ball to be precise, a dog toy!! Inventive!! He snipped a hole in it for our nose and there you go a squeaky red nose.

Okay it was double the size of everyone else’s at school the next day and we looked a bit like coco the clown but that day was actually one of the more successful.

Children in need

So the next day that I vividly remember is children in need, or as it was known as at the time Pudsey bear day!! I remember it well, i was ten and we were in the middle of moving house and were renting a small house from a neighbour whose mum had just died. (One of my least favourite houses especially as the sofa she had died on was still sat in the living room.) All of our things were in storage and we only took the bare essential with us. So you can imagine the horror when I am sat in assembly been told to dress as Pudsey bear. I looked through the slim pickings of the clothes I had Packed and pulled out a big baggy orange woolly jumper and some yellow tights. Brilliant they’re bear colours I thought and set out to put them on. I showed my mum, quite pleased with myself. She told me I cannot go too school in just tights and instructed me to find a skirt or some shorts to wear with them.

The only shorts I had with me were my P.E shorts. Cycling shorts! Blue, shiny, lycra cycling shorts.

So off I go to school, two buns in my hair (ears!)A big woolly jumper, yellow tights and blue cycling shorts.

I never did win best dressed, the winner won a Pudsey teddy. I was gutted. Though my mum did take me to buy a teddy to cheer me up, he was the same unfortunate colour as my burnt orange jumper.

Ladies White Pudsey Bear Children In Need T-Shirt CIN Charity Clothing[M]

So remember stressed parents out there, you may be creating a last minute DIY outfit for the numerous  occasions schools spring on us. But cycling shorts over yellow tights is NEVER a good idea! Have you had any embarrassing moments please feel free to share in the comments, so we can learn from not just my mistakes!

Also whilst writing this I saw that Red nose day is this month, so I will aim to bypass the pet shop and get Oscar a nose on time!

18 thoughts on “The nightmares of world book day and other embarrassing occasions.

  1. I hear ya. My kids ALWAYS wait till the last minute to tell me they need something. Then I have to throw something together with what I have.


  2. First off props!!! Props for caring and trying.Down the road your guys’s kids are going to appreciate all you guys are doing for them.


  3. That Harry Potter costume is adorable! I grew up reading and watching those movies. I bet Oscar looked amazing in it!


  4. My kid isn’t old enough for me to experience the late letter, no costume day. I really am not looking forward to it. I remember when it would happen to my mom, she would get all frazzled and we wouldn’t have anything to wear.


  5. The crumpled up letter from school in the bottom of the bag! So many of my friend’s children do the exact same thing. Panic ensues at 8pm the night before and of course all the shops have shut!


  6. Yeah, last minute outfit was really an embarrassing thing to happen and will end up in a very creative DIY improvised material. No worries for that because there will always be the worse costume in school and it is definitely not you.


  7. That is fun that your parents were creative. I saw Red Nose Day somewhere recently and it was my first to see it. Now I’ve seen it again here, ha. Always happens that way, doesn’t it? 🙂


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