Hang on a minute, what’s that noise? I think I know, its Mr Tumble !

Hang on a minute, what’s that noise? I think I know, its Mr Tumble !

So Carl left for work at least over an hour ago. Nalah is snoring her little head off and has been for at least 40 minutes but the little hot water bottle just looks too content for me to put her down. Having said that I am sat sipping a lukewarm coffee (well I just wouldn’t have it any other way!)

I have my phone in hand lurking through the pages wedding forums looking at bizarre posts that got out of hand. Starting with a search for ‘how many bridesmaid is average?’ and ending up reading pointless posts about who do you thank first in the wedding speeches. This gripped me and actually got me pencilling up (in my head) a timeline and tick list for Carl’s speech. Which in reality I probably won’t even get a sniff at until the big day is here.

I mean does it matter who we thank when we thank them or why we thank them, its us that are buying them a nice three course meal and some plonk!!

I glance and the clock and realise I have wasted a good 40 minutes of my life reading and worrying about this trivial matter, I quickly feel sick that I’ve not done any housework or even in fact brushed my hair yet and it is almost school run time. I stress that Nalah probably won’t have a nap this long for at least another 5 days as they seem to be 10 minute clusters and that’s if I am really silent.

I also realise that along with the time I have been listening too cbeebies whilst my child has been sleeping for this same amount of time. Bare in mine Nalah is two months old, she couldn’t give a shit if she was watching Twirlywoos or the antiques roadshow but never mind it makes me feel more child friendly having it on. So this is when I am alerted to the fact I have been watching Mr Tumble on my own I pick the remote up to flick channels. 14882896622821718327496

Just then Justin Fletcher grabs my attention again saying “we’re going on an adventure today.” I physically put down the remote, put down my phone and sit enjoying the rest of ‘something special’. Who have I become?

And now its way too late to put the washing on or even contemplate doing the pots, this day will have to just go down as another fail day.